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Making an appointment using our contact form

You may also use the following contact form to apply for an appointment at our centre or in one of our branches. We will call you back during our business hours, in order to arrange the appointment with you.

Information on making an appointment as part of the GERMAN MAMMOGRAPHY SCREENING PROMGRAMME can be found here.


Radiologisches Zentrum München-Pasing
Pippinger Str. 25, 81245 München (directions)
Range of services:
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),

magnetic resonance tomography (MRT),
computer tomography (CT)
digital radiography / fluoroscopy
breast diagnostics
nuclear medicine (scintigraphy)
bone density measurement

Filiale RZM Gräfelfing
Waldstrasse 3a, 82166 Gräfelfing (directions)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Waldstrasse 7, 82166 Gräfelfing
Side entrance of the Wolfart Clinic, left of the main entrance.
Computer tomography (CT) 

Please bring the following documents to your appointment:
You can print and complete the information sheets for the individual tests before your appointment.

  • Letter of referral / examination request
  • If available: relevant findings made by your referring doctor
  • If available: images and/or findings from previous investigations in the same area of your body
  • For CT examinations with contrast agent: Serum creatinine and TSH (laboratory values)
  • For MRT examinations with contrast agent: Serum creatinine (laboratory findings)
  • The laboratory findings should not be more than three months old

München - Pasing


MRT, CT, Brustdiagnostik, Nuklearmedizin, Röntgen, Sonografie, Knochendichtemessung

Pippinger Straße 25
81245 München

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München Innenstadt

MRT, Brustdiagnostik

Nymphenburger Str. 110
80636 München

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Waldstraße 3a + 7
82166 Gräfelfing

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Berger Str. 8
82319 Starnberg (Percha)

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