Welcome to the Southern Upper Bavaria mammography screening unit in RZM!

German mammography screening is a centrally coordinated and monitored program for early detection of breast cancer. It offers participants a reliable and controlled quality of mammography examinations and therefore the chance to recognise breast cancer at a very early stage, at which gentle treatment with a high prospect of recovery is still possible.

In the Munich-Pasing Radiological Centre, the Upper Bavaria - South screening unit the programme is led by Dr. Schubert and Dr. Schneider.

We offer, all relevant screening methods, i.e. mammography imaging, first and second findings, and supervision if required.

Unclear findings are also clarified in our practice, i.e. further imaging as necessary and arrangement of histological clarification as required.

Our screening centre is located in a separate department in the Munich-Pasing Radiological Centre and is supervised and led by the doctors who are responsible for the program.

In July 2002, the German federal government passed a law, for the provision of quality assured early detection examinations for breast cancer. Together with other participating practices, our screening unit provides services for the Southern Upper Bavaria district.

Since January 2007, early breast cancer detection examinations can be carried out as part of the screening.

Through participation in the mammography screening, it is very often possible to detect very small tumours (under 10 mm), often before you or your doctor can feel them. Many international studies have shown that the mortality rate due to breast cancer can be significantly lowered by participation in mammography screening. This is not a new examination method, but rather an extended and improved form of organisation of breast examinations.

This programme provides the following benefits:

  • Regular and constant quality assurance of examination centres, equipment, doctors and radiology assistants.
  • Quality standards and examination results are centrally monitored.
  • Assessment of the mammography image is always carried out independently by at least 2 experienced and certified doctors
  • Standardised further clarification in the event of unclear or suspicious findings. 

You can find further information about the screening programme for early detection of breast cancer on the Internet pages of the Mammography Cooperation Group.


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