Radiological Centre Munich

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Your radiology centre in Munich

We are an ISO 9001:2015-certified group practice for radiology with several locations in Munich. Since its foundation, RZM has been owner-managed, independent and free from non-specialist investors.

We operate all modalities of radiological diagnostics, always at the cutting edge of technology. Among other things, we have three 3 Tesla MRIs and 2 CTs with the latest dose reduction techniques. We operate 4 fully digital, dose-reducing mammography systems and a SPECT/CT for state-of-the-art nuclear medicine diagnostics.

Highly qualified specialists

Highly specialised doctors and the qualified, friendly RZM team help to clarify many questions about your health. The examinations will provide you with important diagnostic information as a basis for further treatment by your doctor.

University training and working as a senior physician are prerequisites for working as a doctor at the Radiological Centre Munich. Special questions are discussed by the team of experts.

New: PSMA and FDG PET-CT for tumour diagnostics at the RZM

We are pleased to be able to offer you and your patients PET-CT as part of our range of diagnostic services with immediate effect.

PET-CT is a so-called hybrid procedure consisting of a combination of p(ositron) e(missions) t(omography) and CT (computer tomography). Using a weakly radioactively labelled test substance that binds to tumours, these are made visible and can then be precisely localised anatomically on the high-resolution CT images.