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Diagnostics of the abdominal organs is a speciality of our practice. With the help of modern CT  and MRI devices of the latest generation for abdominal imaging in Munich and in close cooperation with specialists from the internal medicine and surgical disciplines, we offer you highly specialised diagnostics for targeted and personalised therapy. A highly specialised team of experienced radiologists with many years of clinical experience in abdominal imaging is available to you at the RZM for this purpose.

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Abdominelle Bildgebung München

Special focus

  • MRI of the liver with liver-specific contrast agent for the detection and differentiation of focal liver lesions and liver cirrhosis
  • High-resolution, non-invasive 3D imaging of the bile ducts and pancreatic duct system (MRCP) for the diagnosis of liver diseases with cholestasis, gallstone disease and cystic tumours of the pancreas
  • Non-invasive iron and fat quantification for increased liver iron content (haemochromatosis), fatty liver and chronic liver inflammation (hepatitis)
  • High-resolution CT diagnostics of the pancreas with 64 lines for suspected pancreatic cancer, as well as acute and chronic inflammation of the pancreas
  • High-resolution non-invasive imaging of the small intestine (MRI Sellink) for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis)

Your specialists

PD Dr. Daniel Theisen
PD Dr. med. Daniel Theisen
Specialist in diagnostic radiology
Prof. Dr. Christian Glaser
Prof. Dr. med. Christian Glaser
Specialist in diagnostic radiology
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheidler
Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Scheidler
Specialist in diagnostic radiology

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