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Diagnostic imaging plays a central role in suspected or confirmed tumours. In addition to initial localisation diagnostics, imaging is playing an increasingly important role in determining the extent of the disease, but also in the course of drug or multimodal therapies and in tumour aftercare. In the context of increasingly individualised oncologic therapy, there are, on the one hand, more complex requirements for diagnostic imaging, but also for the diagnosis and assessment of these examinations in the context of multimodal therapies.

In addition to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) for high-resolution imaging, modern nuclear medicine procedures such as scintigraphy and combined SPECT-CT for imaging tumour biology are also available at the RZM for oncologic imaging in Munich.

Our colleagues at the RZM are doctors trained in oncologic diagnostics and modern treatment methods, with many years of experience in the interdisciplinary care of oncological patients. In addition to taking current therapies into account, oncologic patients are assessed in the context of current tumour classifications and, if necessary, according to standardised response criteria, such as the RECIST criteria.

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